Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get quality inbound leads from within your city coming in consistently without paying for expensive ads or clicks.

SEO for the Services Industry

The Propel team specializes in SEO for the services industry. We’ve helped many local service-based businesses increase their inbound traffic and leads. Our SEO services are designed to generate more value in leads than your monthly plan costs – leading to an ROI positive and cost-effective lead generation channel.

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Monthly SEO Packages

Our SEO packages are monthly and come with no long-term contracts.



Best for businesses who are in low competition niches and cities (population less than 250,000).



Best for businesses who are in medium competition niches and cities (population less than 500,000)

Everything in Starter, plus:

Pro Enhanced


Best for businesses in higher competition niches and higher competition cities (population less than 1,000,000)

Everything in Starter and Pro, plus:

* For highly technical niches such as medical or legal, we highly recommend that a staff member or intern that works for your business write all content.



Best for businesses in high competition niches and cities (population less than 3,000,000)

Everything in Starter, Pro, and Pro Enhanced, plus:

Custom - Inquire for Pricing
For businesses in the highest competition cities, such as New York or Los Angeles with populations over 3M, inquire for pricing. We will provide you with a tailored package and pricing that is specific to your niche and location.
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SEO Results

When you sign up for a Monthly SEO service from Propel, you can expect one thing – RESULTS! Our team implements proven and data-driven strategies that are battle tested to work every time.

Screenshots below are from real client campaigns!

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Google Business Profile Rankings

We use specialized software that simulates searches from various geo-coordinates (physical locations) around your business to check the ranking position of your Google Business Profile. The result is a grid of colored circles with a number in each circle representing the ranking position of your Google Business Profile at that exact location. These reports are called Geogrid Reports, and are used to track progress.

Website Organic Traffic & Conversions

For Pro, Pro-Enhanced, and Max packages, we create a custom reporting dashboard. We track key metrics like impressions, visitors, and conversions. We also report estimated revenue by calculating the value of each lead (done with your input).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a monthly SEO credit?

    Monthly SEO credits are used towards SEO tasks that our team executes for your campaign. Campaigns are either put through our agency’s proven SEO Success Roadmap, or clients can purchase deliverables with credits. For best results, we recommend allowing our team to execute our proven roadmap.

  • What is your SEO Success Roadmap, and how long is the roadmap?

    Our SEO Success Roadmap is a strategically designed recipe for achieving results for a local business. Regardless of the size of the business, and the monthly plan that you sign up for, the roadmap is executed step-by-step. The time it takes to go through the roadmap just depends on the SEO plan you sign up for. With the SEO Max plan, the SEO Roadmap takes around 6-9 months to complete before we move on to a standardized set of defensive SEO deliverables intended to keep your business ranking on top.

  • How do you measure the success of your SEO services?

    If we are optimizing and ranking your Google Business Profile (GBP), we primarily use rank tracking software specifically designed for tracking the rankings of those profiles. The software simulates searches for your desired keywords from various points around your business, and as far away as 15 KM (~10 miles) away from your business. The software reports your profiles rankings from those various test points and displays them in a grid we refer to as a Geogrid Report. You can also view the Insights reports from your Google Business Profile to see how engagement, views, and calls are increasing over time.

    For all plans other than the Starter plan, we also provide you with a custom reporting dashboard that captures and stores information about your GBP and shows you the performance trend over time. Your custom reporting dashboard also includes key metrics related to your website’s performance – namely, impressions, clicks (visitors), and conversions. You also receive a monthly keyword ranking report (does not apply to Starter plan).
    Ultimately, our goal is to measure success by how much more money you are generating as a result of your monthly investment. That’s why all plans (except Starter) include a “summary” screen on your reporting dashboard that shows you an estimate of new potential revenue generated.

  • How long does it take to rank my Google Business Profile?

    We can usually improve the rankings of your Google Business Profile starting month one. A major factor of your success with Google Business Profile rankings is actually determined by how well you can generate reviews for your business. We work with you to put in place systems to help with review generation, but you’ll have a role in the success of that effort.

    With a good reputation, most Google Business Profiles will achieve steady and demonstrable growth month over month starting month one. For low competition niches and locations, we can expect to see top 3 rankings in as little as 3 months. For higher competition niches or locations, we can expect a timeline of up to 6 months for strong top 3 rankings.

  • How long does it take to rank my website?

    Your website’s ranking potential and power will depend on many factors. Our team has repeatedly and successfully ranked client’s websites for their main keywords in as little as 30 – 60 days. Top 3 rankings take more time.

    Higher tier SEO packages will provide faster ranking results as we’ll have more time and resources we can dedicate towards your website.

    Major factors for top 3 rankings are: strength of competitors, number of links to your website, quantity and quality of website content, strong on-site technical SEO.

    Our team performs an audit of your website at the start of your campaign. The correct implementation of recommendations provided from that audit can oftentimes generate an increase in traffic and rankings of 50 – 100% for established websites who are already generating 1,000+ visitors to their website.

  • How long will I have to invest in SEO?

    SEO is an ever-changing and evolving industry. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms which makes having a specialized team like ours on your side so important.

    You should invest in SEO for as long as you can, and even consider increasing your budget if you see an ROI from your SEO investment. It just makes good business sense!

    Stopping SEO doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your gains overnight. But if your competitors are investing in their website or GBP and you aren’t you can expect to be overtaken by them eventually.

  • Do you have experience in highly technical niches like medical or legal?

    Yes, we do! In fact, we pride ourselves in having ranked client sites above, and among, some of the highest authoritative sites in those niches – such as Healthline and WebMD.

    A major success factor in these campaigns is having a staff member of the clinic or firm that is available for us to work with when creating content. Our team does all of the research, coaching for the writer, and content optimization required to make each piece of content a success.

    Get in touch with us and ask for case studies. We’d love to share them with you!

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